Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Request for Photos of Sixteenth Karmapa

The Office of the Karmapa (Kagyu Office) is officially requesting photographs of the late Sixteenth Karmapa from devotees and other sources around the world. These are to be used in connection with the 900th Anniversary of the First Karmapa.

The Kagyu Office particularly wishes to see rare photographs, such as the 1953 photograph from Beijing, cropped above, together with any and all photographs that may have been taken when the Karmapa visited the West.

Full details may be had by following the link to the Kagyu Office website, above.


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1 reader comments:

Stephen said...

That picture of the 16th Karmapa in Chinese robes speaks volumes. A few years later, Mandarin-speaking Chinese will brutally attack Buddhism in Tibet and China. They will also brutally attack Chinese culture and tradition during the Cultural Revolution in China. Chairman Mao spoke Mandarin and so did millions of his followers, who were so eager to support him. It's time to wake up to facts.