Thursday, December 24, 2009

Self-Arising Guru Rinpoche Image?

This image is being circulated around the world. It was sent by iPhone from Kham (yes, they do have iPhones in Kham, and yes, people know how to use 'em). The image of Guru Rinpoche reportedly appeared in the 800 year-old wall of a monastery, about a month after Bardor Tulku performed a Guru Rinpoche puja there.

The monastery in question -- which is not being named for fear of unwanted attention -- is near Raktrul Monastery, and was a place Bardor Tulku practiced in previous lives.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this beautiful amazing picture. you wrote that it is circulating around the world. but I saw it only on your website!.. where did you get it from? is there anything more you know about it? or on other websites? thanks!