Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Again and Again

By the power of circumstance,
one moon appears through time as large or small.
By the power of needs,
one lama arises in different disguises.

By the power of vessels of water,
one moon appears in myriad reflections.
By the power of minds,
one lama appears as many.

By the power of clouds,
one moon is bright or dark.
By the power of concepts,
one lama appears as good or bad.

By the power of karma,
one moon seems to comfort or menace.
By the power of thought,
one lama arouses faith or disdain.

By the power of day or night,
one moon rises and sets.
In order to benefit beings,
one lama seems to come and go.

--Patrul Rinpoche

Usually, when we post this, we just post it and let it stand, but today -- for some reason -- I am prompted to include the following two quotations from Longchenpa:

Liking or disliking is akin to a child's game.
Pointless attachments and aversions are a burning mass of flames.
Give up completely your quarrels and the malice you bear one another,
and tame your own minds from now on.

Phenomena labeled by ordinary consciousness are like children's games.
In actuality, they do not abide in a fixed way,
but through conceptual analysis, people cling to particular philosophies
about good and bad.
Please be aware of the equalness of phenomena from now on.

You know, we see these things, and we read these things, and we consider these things, and sometimes we even pretend that we appreciate these things -- but, putting these things into practice somehow seems elusive, doesn't it?

Until we can really -- really -- put this into practice, we are just lying to ourselves.

If your activity is inherently based on attachment and aversion, then the future you create for yourself isn't all that bright. If you are expending all sorts of energy obsessing about one side or the other of this or that, then you are wasting a precious human existence. These "enemies" and "friends" you have... are they real?

If, right this minute, you or someone you care for were dying, would the positions you take "for" or "against" have any benefit to anyone whatsoever? In fact, what is the purpose or benefit of taking these positions in the first place?

You don't need to spend any time on the moon, at all.

And that may be considered as utterly good news.

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4 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

So what is E-Sangha is alive or dead ? So what if it promotes gossip or otherwise ? So what if we like it or not like it ? Why should we rejoice over its death, or otherwise ?

Anonymous said...

I wished this "Again and Again" post could be given to all members of the management, especially those at the higher levels, so that they will realise and accept the reality of the problems workers are facing at the ground level, instead of living in their ivory towers.

Anonymous said...

This post seems like a good excuse I could use each time to get away with stupid things I happen to do.

Anonymous said...

thank you Tenpa. it is as though you read my heart. xk