Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kagyu Monlam Live Broadcast Continues

As this is being written, we are watching a live broadcast of XVIIth Karmapa conducting Offering to the Gurus, which is an extraordinarily beautiful ceremony. This is coming direct from the 27th Annual Kagyu Monlam (in eight different languages). You can catch the live feed at:

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Anonymous said...

Highly recommended! I viewed the live webcast of the Milarepa Play and Tibetan Dances (a six hour long program!) held on the last day of the 27th Annual Kagyu Monlam. I was extremely impressed by the magnitude and professionalism of the production. Gorgeous sets, actors, music and dancing - everything perfect. Well done! Rumour has it a DVD is in the works and if one gets the chance they really must see it. What a blessing it was to join others across the world and partake of HHK's compassionate activity.