Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yam, Ram, Southern California

Winds approaching 100 miles per hour and wildfires: Southern California is (again) experiencing a tragic loss of life and property on an extensive scale, leading to all sorts of obstacles. We are presently a few miles from one major fire-- started when the winds blew down an electrical transformer-- where a reported 180 homes have already been lost. The latest reports state over a half million people have been evacuated, over a quarter million acres have burned, there has been at least one fatality, and numerous major transportation routes have been severed, inclusive of Interstate 15-- the heavily traveled main route between Southern Nevada and Southern California.

"When our illusory bodies are threatened with danger and destruction because of obstacles of the elements of earth, water, fire, and wind;
"Without any doubt or question, I supplicate you, Orgyen, together with the four goddesses of the elements;
"Thus, there is no doubt that the elements will be self-pacified.
"I supplicate Orgyen Padmasambhava. Grant blessings for the spontaneous accomplishment of our wishes!

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