Thursday, October 18, 2007

Plot to Murder the Dalai Lama

His name is Zhang Qing Li, born 1951, Shandong Province, and he is the insultingly acid-mouthed Communist Party Secretary of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Credible news just now filtering out of China places him at the center of a bizarre Chinese government plot to assassinate the Dalai Lama, blame the Dorje Shugden Cult, and then declare the Dalai Lama's successor. The plot is believed to include Chinese intelligence service personnel operating under diplomatic cover in all nations visited by His Holiness, including the United States, as well as "sleeper" type agents. It is said that details of the plot include provisions for a "discredit after death" type operation, i.e. the manner of death would serve to tarnish the victim's memory. It is further suggested that the threat is imminent, and that this is why the Chinese government rushed its "reincarnation regulations" into effect last month.

We will post more details of this extraordinarily alarming matter in due course. This certainly explains the heavy security around His Holiness, and veiled references made during the events in Washington.

Zhang Qingli

Secretary, Communist Party of China, Tibet Autonomous Region
Communist Party Committee of Tibet Autonomous Region
Kang An Dong Lu 1 Hao
Lhasa, TibetPeople's Republic of China 850000

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