Thursday, October 11, 2007

Architecture for Humanity

Since I am fundamentally homeless, I take a keen interest in minimalist shelter and solutions for homelessness. One group appears to share this interest:

They have a catalogue of designs for emergency shelter using things such as wooden pallets, containers, and so forth. This sort of thing is worth encouraging.

I think any professional license, be this an engineer's license, a medical license, or whatever, should be made conditional on first giving two years' worth of pro bono services to those who are not fortunate enough to live in conditions of economic surplus. Of course, in the West, nopbody sees things this way. You go to the wretched universities and then you graduiate and start grabbing with both hands.

Try to care. It helps all of us.

The problem was solved centuries ago. We could land Mongolian gers in any country in the world for under USD $1,000 each, each ger being sufficient for a family of four. This is the best low-cost shelter solution on the planet.

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