Wednesday, October 10, 2007

High Desert Hermitage

This is New Tsering Jong: the High Desert Dzogchen Hermitage. This will be an approximately USD $500,000 project, of which $260,000 is land acquisition cost, $140,000 is infrastructure development, and $100,000 is an endowment for future operating costs. It can fund in three stages over a thirty-six month period, at the rate of roughly $166,000 per year. Seen above is the view from the "front porch." It is my belief that anyone who practices at this place will very quickly receive the benefits of their practice. I therefore declare this the final project of my lifetime, and I dedicate it to the welfare of all those who will come after me.

This is typical of what one sees on the way to the summit. I welcome every spirit who wishes to make this project come to fruition. If any obstacles appear to arise, I will eat them. I do not care what effort becomes necessary. I do not care what sacrifice becomes necessary. This project must be completed.

This is looking back at a portion of the "low road," or northern approach to the summit. The hermitage property is situated so that the surrounding terrain will never be developed. By law, this realm will be forever protected.

This is what it takes to traverse the vehicle trail that actually leads to the property. This is an inexpensive Toyota FJ Cruiser, in which the after-market suspension modifications cost more than the original vehicle (the "Scorpion" FJ Cruiser). Today, this creation took us on trails last traveled in 1970, and brought us back in safety.

If you want to help, contact rinpoche2006(at)gmail(dot)com

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