Monday, January 26, 2015

The CIA and Magic.

In 1977, while conducting research into the history of magic's use as a weapon of state, the Central Intelligence Agency granted my request, and released to the open literature, a technical report entitled "Magic and how to recognize it."

This document was thereafter furnished to anyone who asked, utterly free of any cost. All of these things are very easy for anyone to see, if they know where to look. If that particular document is light available, I would like to see what it looks like now.

Meanwhile, I recall so many conclusions of that report as I watch world events unfold.

"As witch doctors are known to be interested in gossip, people tell them gossip."

We are hearing a wild echo of human speech, in all its aspects, as the destruction of speech by social media explodes.

"[M]agic will almost invariably be found associated with situations of tension and anxiety."

What a blessing to hear only beautiful sounds?

When can we stop digital drumming for magicians?

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