Sunday, January 25, 2015

I am Ashin Wirathu

Before the Triple Gem, With the Authority of Space:

In a fresh dream,
picked up and put down twice
the white dakini removed the binding
from my mouth with medicinal balm.

I did not interpret this as her invitation to comment.
I understood this as a command for confession!

This is the face of a sly magician.
Throughout future history,
Let it be associated with Tenpa Rinpoche,
For I am Ashin Wirathu,
In the three times.

I light a fire to feel the warmth
of my burning afflictions
as it is a very cold day in Hell
and I come again to comfort the King.

It is a wild ministration
if one obtains cold from heat
but that is precisely what happens
When a healer breaks a fever.

Screaming and fighting
with dakinis, using poisons
to obtain relief, this is
contrary in its own way.

Upon what do results in all cases depend?
I take Ashin Wirathu's sins
and give them my name,
For I am the same magician.

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