Thursday, January 06, 2011

Mass Bird and Fish Deaths: Signs and Omens

Dead birds are falling from the sky in America, Italy, and Sweden. Millions of dead fish are washing ashore in North America, South America, and New Zealand. What does it mean?

In the Tibetan medical and astrological belief system, there are signs or omens occurring in nature -- these are known as ltas-mo -- that correspond to one or the other of the eight classes of spirits. These are generally described as "signs that originate prior" to outbreaks, plagues, epidemics, and pandemics. When observed, they clearly foretell the advent of disease -- and in some case, foretell terrible acts of war.

As an example, particular sounds made by mountain springs, or particular atmospheric appearances may indicate the displeasure of nagas. When small creatures that eat grass are found dead it indicates a sadak disturbance. Certain cloud formations indicate hostility from the mamos.

Since the first of the year, we have read alarming reports of mass bird and fish deaths. These appear to be taking place all over the world. Someone has mapped out the location of the incidents, and that map is shown above. Currently, effort is being invested to determine the cause of the incidents, and a number of different explanations have been put forward.

From the Tibetan perspective, the precise cause or causes of death, and indeed, the locations of the deaths, are less important than the fact of the deaths themselves. Briefly stated, it may not matter why they died; it matters that they died at all.

Some people are tempted to regard this as a matter belonging to 2011, but actually, this is a matter belonging to the year of the Iron Tiger, which is still with us. You may recall, when we did the astrological assessment for 2010, we wrote, "...some very, very powerful forces will come to life -- and unprecedented agitation or activity among energetically wrathful spirits of all classes."

We shall have more to say on the matter in a future post, but for the moment please understand -- we cannot continue to mindlessly offend the environment without consequence. 

We are not the only inhabitants of this environment. Whether we "see" or "believe in" the other inhabitants matters very little, for they are there.

And they are sending messages.

That being said, if we do not conquer inner circumstances, then these seemingly problematic outer circumstances will remain insurmountable.


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6 reader comments:

Yeshe Dorje said...

Clear and to the point. Thank you sir!

Nemo said...

Mainly looks like the location of American Military bases.

dogPedaler said...

It is obvious that Change is happening. Reasons can be created, however I may only stub my toe on that change.

carpadeim said...

Chronological presentation of the recent fish and bird kills

carpadeim said...

Chronological presentation of the recent fish and bird kills

man with desire said...

Between 2010 December and January 2011 has been occurred all over the world mass deaths of birds, fishes and other animals. Into question is large worldwide mass deaths of animals, and this means that they are not merely natural deaths. My intention is drawing attention to possible explanations for mass deaths of animals.

More info: