Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whale of A Time: Updated

Here is something of interest --

A pod of twenty to thirty blue whales was spotted yesterday, about three miles off the coast of Redondo Beach, California. This is the first time in perhaps thirty years that the blue whales have been seen in these waters, so naturally, everyone is quite excited. 

Scientists are explaining that the whales are being attracted to colder water temperatures, and abundant feeding opportunities. 

Apart from launching more news helicopters than Lady Gaga, the big issue now is to keep the whales from being (a) forced to wear court-ordered electronic monitors, (b) tagged with graffiti (c) exploited in infomercials, and (d) stalked by paparazzi when they come up for creel sushi.

Whales or no whales, this is still Southern California -- and business as usual.

UPDATED: In an exclusive interview, a spokeswhale for the pod explained that they have arrived to support Zen Buddhist candidate Jerry Brown's bid to regain his old job as Governor of California in the upcoming election. "Although he's never been in a major motion picture, he did date Linda Ronstadt back in the day," said the spokeswhale. "And it seems like he's more ocean-friendly than what's her name... the eBay lady."

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