Monday, September 06, 2010

Fortunate Eon Tibetan Translation Service Launched

Erick Sherab Zangpo is a gifted young American lotsawa living in India, who is well known and well liked for the fresh, poetic quality of his work.  

To help sustain himself, Erick has launched the Fortunate Eon Tibetan Translation Services, where you can have things done for yourself or your center at very reasonable rates.

I really want to encourage everyone who has need of such services to contact Erick. When you stop and think about it, just how many young people nowadays bother with the Tibetan language? Sad, and sorry, to say --- but, even among young Tibetans, language often takes a back seat to other interests. 

So, in this regard, Erick is something of a rarity. 

Let's encourage him, shall we?

By the way: if you like the "lotsawa" image above, you can order a splendid, 11 x 14" matted print  from Namse Bangdzo, by clicking here.

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4 reader comments:

Patricia said...

This is a very very important project, and with your permission I'd like to add this to my blogsite as well
As a woman of Native American descent (Cherokee/Kiowa) I understand very clearly that one's native language contains their culture. Once it is gone, every thing else falls apart. I also understand impermanence as well, but well, I'd like to see it staved off as much as possible in this instance.
Let me know if it's alright with you for me to repost this.

TENPA said...

Well, we all want you to be happy, Patricia, so please do as you wish and thank you for asking :-)

austin said...

great to hear that news,really impressed.
i also want to share this link for translations in other languages, as i am quite impressed by their services, knowledge and well trained professionals.

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