Sunday, June 06, 2010

Dilgo Khyentse Tour: Got My Vote

Remember the 1972 Rolling Stones world tour? Every time I hear about the 2010 Dilgo Khyentse world tour I get a sense of deja vu, except now, the cheap seats are USD $375. This has to be the most heavily promoted and merchandised grand lama tour in history. To drive what the motion picture industry calls the "back end," they have come up with a marvelous logo -- guess you already know who is a sucker for this one.

This is actually an adaptation or interpretation of Dilgo Khyentse's personal emblem, depicted below on his letterhead. His name, Rabsel Dawa, means "Brilliant Moon," and I do believe we have already explained the connection between the rabbit and the moon.

The folks who are handling the store have launched their on-line presence today, so come one, come all. Just don't buy up all the rabbit hats and t-shirts before I get mine, O.K.? By the way -- apologies to the original designer of the Rolling Stones 1972 tour poster, which I have mercilessly altered above.

Rabbit flags? We'll take two dozen of those, please.

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