Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Change Your Mind

"There was a continuity of your mind before you were born to your present parents, before your consciousness was conceived in your mother's womb. It was not that the sperm from your father fertilized the egg from your mother and the consciousness suddenly happened without cause and conditions. Otherwise, these things would be happening for no reason. There wouldn't be any cause for you to be so afraid of this person or so angry with them.

"There are some people that you spend your whole life fighting, whether it's in your family or in the office; you might live together but you're always fighting. All these things have a reason from past lives. It's a continuation of something that happened in a past life, and the effect is being experienced so that you see that person in that way. There are some people you think are beautiful, and attachment arises toward them; there are other people you see as undesirable, and anger arises toward them. It's all the creation of your mind, the creation of your different minds. When you change your mind, when you change your discriminating thoughts of anger and attachment, you see them differently."

---The Nechung Oracle of Tibet

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Anonymous said...

How about those people who listen to "reports" (or gossip?) behind other people's backs that could be totally unreliable ? What kind of karma is that ?