Tuesday, April 07, 2009

O.K., Another Rabbit Post: So What?

Easter is coming, and horrid people will acquire rabbits on a whim, later abandoning them to a cruel fate. 

This is not right, and as Buddhists, we need to (1) protest, and (2) adopt-a-bunny in distress.

Above is my new friend, Rambo, who was discarded by a 23-year-old exotic dancer who suddenly decided she wanted to live in New York. You can see he is still thinking about her, wondering what might have been.


Sitting in the corner of the cage is one thing, but listening to Norah Jones singing "I've Got to See You Again," over and over...

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2 reader comments:

WoFat said...

Nice bunny.

TENPA said...

Thank you. He has quite a personality.