Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Soft Thunder, for Tenpa Rinpoche

Son of the Lake Born,
Instructed by Dakinis,
Imbued with spontaneous wisdom
Forever Playful, among cloud banks of merit
along the mysterious metaphor
of your river sky.

In a lifetime of secret activity
you gave us this one day
of purity without beginning,
and gently opened the
unobstructed ocean of your heart

Nobody who was there
will ever forget
how you reflected every aspiration
with loving kindness,
granted a thousand different wishes,
and called the earth and sky to witness.

After you magnetized
you tranquilized,
quieting the uncertain crowd,
erasing all doubts
by the mantra of your voice.

All elements in harmony,
all beings in synchronicity,
spontaneously correct activity
self-arising for the benefit of us all.

Until even the smallest among us
knew, yes, we knew,
what a siddha looks like
when he removes his disguise:
Tulku Urgyan Tenpa Rinpoche,
there is no other like you
in this world.

Lord of space,
Source of refuge,
Master of three times,
Father of miracles,
Everlasting protector:
I feel you in my heart
like soft thunder
from a far away mountain.

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2 reader comments:

aninydia said...

you so completely captured this unprecedented blessed event that has utterly and completely transformed all those most fortunate beings who had the great fortune to be in the presence of Tulku Urgyan Tenpa Rinpoche, a living Buddha of incomparable skill and activity. Thank you for such a beautiful and moving tribute- it makes me weep.

Sangye said...

This day will remain in my heart forever. I will always remember it as a model of an aspirational prayers. Everyone present was so tenderly embraced with Rinpoche's love and compassion. Thank you, Trinh, for this loving tribute. Thank you, Rinpoche for bestowing your great blessings upon all beings.