Monday, February 11, 2008

Festival of A Thousand Lights and Flowers

The Western extended sangha attached to Tulku Akhon Lhamo sponsored a Losar event, inspired by Tenpa Tulku, called the "Festival of A Thousand Lights and Flowers," which next year will be called "Festival of Ten Thousand Lights and Flowers." Presumably, the year after it will be "Festival of One Hundred Thousand Lights and Flowers." Here is a brief video of the event. For those of you who have only recently become acquainted with Tenpa Tulku, or for those of you who are still disposed to entertain uncertainties, then please understand several hundred witnesses could, if they were consciously able to give voice to what only their hearts accept, explain that on this day there came a shining expression of the smallest part of Tenpa Tulku's heart.

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2 reader comments:

kunzang said...

I was not at the event, however your description of Rinpoche's presence is so beautiful. That is an exquisite way of expressing what I have found to be the truth, every day.

Jha-Sa Tshe chyu Tshokpa said...

Nice Blog,