Sunday, February 17, 2008

It Doesn't Yurt To Laugh

Word reaches us that the Kunzang Palyul Choling sangha may be going into the ger business, shipping in authentic Mongolian gers (or yurts, if you like that better) by the container load, direct from (where else) Mongolia. We'll know more, and when we do, we'll post the details here. Now, what is the difference between "ger" and "yurt," you ask? I gather that yurt is the Russian word for ger, and since nobody in Mongolia likes the Russians very much anymore, the use of that word is considered inappropriate. How to pronounce ger? I need a little help with that. Is it ger as in "here comes the bear, grr?" Is it ger as is "here comes Richard Gere?"

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1 reader comments:

konchog said...

It's ger like bear. And it's not so that the Mongols don't like the Russians. In fact, most I talk to retain some real fondness for them. Many Mongols who did well in school received their higher education in Russia. And even those who didn't care for the time Russia was in Mongolia will tell you, "Anyway, at least they kept the Chinese out."