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The Karmapa Prophecies

In 1992, I was visiting Taiwan and a Kagyudpa friend of mine asked, "Have you heard? There's a big controversy at Rumtek." Thus was I introduced to the issues surrounding the discovery and recognition of H.H. the XVIIth Karmapa; issues which indeed have spawned their own web site.

I am truly sorry that Sangha members are fighting with each other. This makes me terribly sad and sick at heart. My only suggestion is just to give this thing time, or in the alternative, let the two recognitions -- Thaye Dorje (b. 1983) and Urgyen Trinley Dorje (b. 1985) -- work it out between themselves. I do not know why a meeting has not been arranged between them for the purpose of resolution. I knew H.H. the XVIth Karmapa, and while I did not know him well, I knew him well enough to realize that he was an exquisitely compassionate being, fully capable of spontaneously exercising wisdom and means. Why don't we all step back and watch, listen, and learn?

In the interim, the best thing to do is to respect them both and not allow the matter to become an obstacle to one's self or others.

We can also think about the following statement by H.H. the 5th Karmapa (1384-1415):

"After the Sixteenth in the rosary of Karmapa
Before the Seventeenth, (alt. at the end of the time of the 16th and at the beginning of the time of the 17th)
An incarnation of a demon (lit. "samaya-breaker")
One with the name Na-tha (alt. "spoken of as a relation")
Will arise in this seat, Sacho.
By the power of the person's perverted aspirations,

The Karmapa lineage will be near destruction.
At that time, one having true aspirations from a previous life,
A heart emanation of Padmasambhava,
From the Western direction,
One with a necklace of moles, fierce and wrathful,
Whose mouth speaks wrathful speech,
Having dark maroon colour and eyes protruding.
This one will subdue the incarnation of the samaya breaker,
He will protect Tibet and Kham for a while.
At that time happiness, like beholding the sun

In Tibet this will occur, I think.
Without this, even if karmically virtuous ones come
The dharma will wane downwards,
As fruit of the negative aspirations of the demon.
It will be difficult for happiness to arise.
From the center the king of the center will be defiled

The emanation of a demon, an officer of high rank, coming from Kong,
Will disturb the center and destroy the center's domain.
Many outsiders not existing before,
[Not knowing] what has arisen, will conceal.
The beings of the degenerate times, will be seduced by the demon.
Not having faith in Dharma, will become full of suffering.

Upper, lower and middle, in all three regions,
Blood of disturbances and arguments will rain.
From quarrels, disturbances and debates,
There will be no place of peace even for awhile.

Except for this poor and busy state
There will be no place for riches and leisure
Except for these very tormented fetters,
There is no liberty.
Three precious ones, the three roots and the Dharma protectors,
It is not that they don't have compassion.

Due to the Karma of beings and the power of aspirations of the demon,
A time will arrive of a downward decrease.
At that time the Secret Lineage Dharma,
Will have more power and bring swift blessings."

There is also the 1970 prediction by Trungpa Rinpoche:

"Prediction about the life of Kyabje Shamar Rinpoche

Jaya Hoh!

The Vajra-Spring is permanent and unchanging.

Unobstructed Yudronma revealed through the list of verses profound, clear symbolic words.

The devi of long life who shines like an emerald,

Always keep at the center of your heart.

Youth is the messenger of the god of desire who will be burned by the fire of samadhi.

You should do the practice on the wrathful aspect of Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava).

You, the Ruby-crowned one, may burn away the darkness of the era.

In your 50th year,

Do the practice of the essence of the Buddha of Long Life and

The practice of Vajrakilaya to counter black magic.

Wash yourself with the water of Mamaki deities.

An elephant who has been intoxicated by poison will slander and create fighting within the lineage.

So take extreme caution against the corruption and trembling within the lineage.

The wealthy yellow dialecticians will harm the genuine lineage of the Kagyu dharma,

So you should strive to sharpen the spear-tip of your mind.

The Vajra-rock which is golden and shining is where you should abide in holy meditation.

You should do the three year, three month retreat.

Through the white luminosity of Vajrasattva you will go to the place of the Dharmakaya which is beyond meditation.

Keep that meaning in your heart.

Samaya. "

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