Monday, February 14, 2011

Himachal Pradesh Moves to Hijack Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries

The following story, which has been developing for some time, is just now breaking in the Indian papers. This is seen as the "ripple effect" from Gyuto Monastery:

"Himachal Pradesh government is now moving to acquire the land of Gyuto Monastery, the transit home of Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorje, as the probe into seizure of large amount of foreign currency from the monastery brought fresh focus on benami deals by the community members.

Officials said that the process of mutation of 'benami' lands in possession of "the Dalai Lama's administration" was on since 2006 and the titles of 73 such properties, including the sprawling premises of Gyuto Monastery, are being transferred in the name of the government.

The government had agreed to consider regularisation of these 'benami' properties by vesting the ownership in the government and further leasing these out to Tibetan Administration, they said.

The information about these lands on which the Tibetan "government-in-exile" had raised structures was provided to the government by Tibetan "administration", official sources said.

Kangra Deputy Commissioner RS Gupta said that it was a routine revenue exercise and mutation in 40 cases had already been done while the title transfer in respect of remaining lands was in process.
"The Gyuto Monastery complex was one such property on which the Dalai Lama administration had build the monastery and the land on which the construction had been done would vest in the government," he said.

Officials said that the process of "regularising" these properties has been hastened after foreign currency worth Rs 7.5 crore belonging to 25 countries including China was recovered by police from the premises of a Karmapa-backed trust and some of the trustees.

The raids followed recovery of Rs one crore from two persons on Mehatpur border on January 25 last, allegedly drawn from a bank in Delhi for some land deal.

However, Gupta said that there will be no immediate physical takeover of the property."


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4 reader comments:

LL said...

Compradores at Himachal Pradesh sound positively Chinese...

Anonymous said...

This is big time stealing by the rogue Chief Minister, not just from the Tibetan Govt-in-exile, but from the millions of donors from around the World. UNHCR should investigate the systematic bullying of the Tibetan refugees. One thing for sure - it will dry up funding for future monastery constructions in India.
So sad.

NTZ said...

And people wonder why India is dirt poor. Why would anyone be nuts enough to send money there when some weird-looking govt minister is just going to jack it?

Anonymous said...

Himachal Pradesh, and its capital, Shimla, are very well known for their religious intolerance, as also their Kali Temple, where human sacrifices are performed by Brahmans priests, till the present days.

At the same time, the Indian Constitution legalizes religious intolerance in India, since it decrees that Buddhism is Hinduism, and therefore, all Buddhist Temples are the property of the Hindu religious authorities, i.e., Brahmans priests, also known as sacrificers, those who perform animal & human sacrifices.

This is the type of 'individuals' who are now invading Buddhist Monasteries in India.

The criminal organization behind all this, that masterminded all that is now being done against the poor Tibetan refugees in India, is known as Sringeri Matham, whose 'Pope' is the Jagad Guru, of which there seems to be 5, the chief one being from the Sringeri Matham of South India, founded by their chief guru, Shankaracharya, the same that genocided nearly all Buddhists Monks & Nuns in India, more than a thousand years ago.

I am fully aware that there is genocide on the making against Buddhists, in Dharamshala, and also in McLeod Ganj.

Another point is this: India is a trap for all Tibetan Buddhist Monks & Nuns, refugees:

When they arrive in India, from Tibet, via Nepal, they receive a document entitled 'Permit', which grants them temporary asylum.

When the date of that temporary Permit expires, the refugees must present themselves to the Indian authorities, in order to get another permit.

However, the second permit is charged, that is, the refugee must pay in cash [rupees] to the Indian Government, the emission of this second permit.

The price being too expensive for them - purposefully - the great majority has no money to pay, and then they become ilegals.

India is now full of 'ilegal' Lamas. And this is another future tragedy in store for thousands of them.

The Buddhist Monasteries in India have no legal permission to be registered, i.e., to be legalized, and they are not supposed to have more than 2.500 dollars, in cash, on a permanent basis. That is, how can a Monastery support itself with only 2.500 dollars, for life? This amount is not granted as a monthly income, but as all that a Monastery can possess, in cash, for life.

On the other hand, the Indian government does not allow Buddhist Monks and Nunsasdf to open bank accounts in order to receive donations for their survival in India.

I have never seen so many crimes against refugees, as in India, which receives them only to condemn them to death, within its own frontiers.