Sunday, February 06, 2011

Former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister: Dhumal Has Maligned Karmapa

In a sharply worded statement, the five-time former Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Virbhadra Singh, seen here with the Dalai Lama, has denounced the current Chief Minister, rogue politician Prem Kumar Dhumal for "humiliating and maligning" His Holiness the Seventeenth Karmapa over the foreign currency issue.

According to Indian press reports:
"The Congressional leader and former chief minister said the behaviour of the state government towards Karmapa, who is held in high esteem by Tibetans, was a matter of concern.

On the matter of alleged Benami land deals of some Tibetans, the Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise said instead of taking action against them, these deals should be regularised.

He disagreed with the order of Dhumal asking the Tibetans not to hold rallies in support of Karmapa saying that Karmapa was a revered personality and if the Tibetans were taking out rallies in his favour, the state government should not interfere.

"India is a democratic country and it is not expected from any leader to give such statements," he added.

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1 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shri Raja Virbhadra Singh of Bushahr kingdom(comprising of Rampur, Sarahan, Sangla, Kalpa, Namgya and other regions bordering Tibet).

Shri Raja Virbhadra singh`s father, erstwhile Shri padam singh ji also made a buddhist monastery in Rampur, which was recerntly renovated by Shri Raja Virbhadra Singh.

Thank you for speaking the truth.