Friday, August 17, 2007

Wind Across the Grass Prayer

When the Wind Moves Across the Grass:
A Perfectly Natural Reaction to the Cries of Small Creatures of the Water, Air, and Earth

Freed from the idea that compas-
sion is a deity;
Freed from the idea of a deity as an
external being;
Freed from the idea of separate
We hear, and rapidly take careful
notice of the cries of frightened be-
ings throughout the six realms.
We think that we cannot bear to
have them remain in fear for even
one millisecond longer.
Like the wind moving across the
grass, we express a perfectly natural
reaction to their state, and offer them
a self-created expanse of tranquility
in which to approach.
With complete gentleness, we ex-
tend refuge, simultaneously releasing
them into the freedom from all fear,
assured that they will be reborn as
humans, will hear the Dharma, and
will reach enlightenment for the
benefit of others.
Wasting no moment, with no
thought of wisdom, and no time for
method, we are confident of the
spontaneously correct activity in
which we engage together with the
Buddhas of all times and directions.
Our minds melt into the minds of
the suffering beings, bringing them
solace, instantaneously setting them
to rest.
We do not pause to consider that
we have done anything at all.

This prayer was written by the bad one called Tenpa on a day that was neither auspicious nor inauspicious. May all sentient beings rest without reference.

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