Monday, August 27, 2007

We Thank the 9th Ogyen Tulku

The immediate family, students, and friends of Tenpa Rinpoche most humbly and sincerely thank the gracious mercy of His Eminence the Ninth Ogyen Tulku for composing this long life prayer upon learning of Tenpa Rinpoche's ill health.

Ogyen Tulku
also sent us the following pronunciation or performance guide (not a transliteration):

Chog sum tsa sum che dang ke bar du.
Tse wang rig zin pema den tob kyi.
Chi nang bar ched gong long ying su shi.
Ku tse mi shig kal gyer shab ten sol. 

Updated 5 December 2009: Ogyen Tulku graciously prepared the typeset version, seen above, and sent it along to us last week (after making contact on Twitter, of all places). We have also received the following translation of the prayer, with a bit different performance guide, done quite recently, in India:

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