Friday, August 31, 2007

Thinking of Gyatrul Rinpoche

I heard that Gyatrul Rinpoche is having a time with lung disease. I therefore send a cloud of sympathetic prayers: I have some of the same difficulty.

I first met His Eminence--who I know as "Crazy Jake"--in the 1970s. He never tired of giving me sage advice that was impossible to take out of context because it was never in context: "What you really need to do," he once told me, "is to go get yourself a big-butt Chinese girl, get married, and stay away from India."

The last time I saw him was in Southern California, about twenty years ago, and during that time he became quite celebrated, published several books, and built a few temples.

Jake had, and reportedly still has, a rather singular sense of humor.

Humor helps.

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