Sunday, July 07, 2013

Bodhgaya Bombings: Not An Excuse

Bombings in Bodhgaya shock humanity's conscience. Yet, even an outrage of this magnitude cannot become an excuse for anger, hatred, or acting out one's vengeful fantasies at the Dharma's expense.

Naturally, the question of "who did this" seems uppermost to many. Yet, a simple demand for justice cannot become an excuse for political spin. 

In some ways, the question of "who," seems not as important as "why," be the two overtly intertwined or not. Let us guard against becoming part of the "why." This particular incident tempts us with some sort of ownership. We should toss that ownership away, and clearly see what is before us.

If it has come to throwing bombs at the Bodhi Tree, we should start planting them all over the world, and then sit down.

Even if a Buddhist monument is destroyed, this becomes no excuse to forget all sentient beings.

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6 reader comments:

KataKhan said...

This is the essence of the Buddha's message. In whichever way that reaches any being, that should remain the focus.
Very well said. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I understand the thought that rewarding the cobra for striking is the kind thing. However the concept of deterring (stridently) the cobra from future actions can't be "inappropriate" can it? The cobra's nature, being a cobra, doesn't mean that you should offer it another hand to bite or another eye to spit in---does it? (LL)

PS - Then again, death merchants have a different view of such behavior than the more enlightened. I say, allow the cobra to begin again as a dung beetle or something.

Bright Eyes Sanctuary said...

Anger is such a potent energy, it is easy to summon, instantaneous, yet so hard to dispel. However, when used as an inspiration to fuel its opposite, it's fire can be transformed into an inner flame, glowing with cool, coherent light.

Or something like that. Control the energies which animate you.

Anonymous said...

My initial response was:
"oh, that's terrible. I hope no one was seriously hurt"
Second response was:
"Who would do such a thing?"
Third response:
"I feel so terrible for the people who did this.
They must be miserable and in thinking that they were
attacking the body of the Buddha I'm afraid that their miseries
will increase"

It brought to mind:
(Bodhisattvacharyavatara 6-64)
Even toward those who revile and destroy
Images, stupas, and the sacred Dharma,
My anger's improper,
Since there can be no harm to Buddhas and the rest.

Anonymous said...

Rinpoche, does the Kalachakra Tantra speak of these times?

Christian said...