Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kunzang Dechen Lingpa's Anniversary

In the formless basic space of phenomena, the wisdom mind of the Ever Excellent;
In the infinite form kayas and pure lands of Great Bliss,
And in the arrayed Dakini continent of Oddiyana;
You who play in everlasting delight, Lord, please nurture us.
You, incomparable Kunzang Dechen Lingpa,
In order to tame sentient beings who cling to phenomena as permanent,
Displayed the dissolution of the composition of your form body.
We children disciples are tormented by this suffering.
Therefore, to dispel our devoted lamentations,
We request, from the vast space of wisdom compassion,
Please transform swiftly the display of your emanation,
And fulfill completely the wishes of sentient beings, we pray!

As requested from Assam by the students of the Holy Lama which was conveyed by Lama Sonam Tobgyal through a letter with a silk scarf, on the auspicious fifteenth day of the Second Lunar Month, I, Thrinley Norbu, immediately offered this prayer. May the purpose of this prayer be fulfilled exactly as it is wished!

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1 reader comments:

Cliff said...

Dear Tenpa Lama,

Thank you for the reminder. We have been touched in remarkable ways by great beings and found ourselves in fortunate circumstances. How wonderful!