Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Chotrul Duchen 2012

Chotrul Duchen, the Display of Miracles -- one of Tibetan Buddhism's famous "ten million days"-- falls on Thursday, March 8th this year. Of course, this also coincides with the Anniversary of Marpa Lotsawa, and the birthday of Garab Dorje. We thought to favor Garab Dorje this year, with the splendid picture above.

So, on this highly auspicious day the effects of positive (or negative!) actions are multiplied ten million times. If, for example, you say one mantra, it is as if you said it ten million times. A great opportunity for merit-making.

One of the best things you can do is click this link, and sponsor prayers at the annual Nyingma Trust Walk. This is conducted at the seat of the Nyingma School in the United States -- the Odiyan temple complex in California -- and is an extremely potent way to observe this year's holiday.

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2 reader comments:

David said...

These multiplier days, do they count for prescribed amounts of mantras, prostrations, etc (i.e., ngondro)?

Editor said...

Sorry... no quick way out of ngondro :-)