Monday, December 06, 2010

Equal Lights

Who hasn't admired the stained glass windows and decorations in cathedrals? Many of them are remarkably beautiful, and the interplay of light and color do provide an inspiring sight.

And, of course, what Buddhist hasn't seen the stained glass windows in the cathedrals, and wished "we" had something like it for our temples? Well, it seems that now we do. A nun named Ani Jamyang Donma, in Toronto, Canada, is operating Yulokod Studios, where she produces what she calls "glass thangkas," and they are simply wonderful.

Ani-la is associated with Riwoche Temple in Toronto, where she studies under Khenpo Sonam Tobgyal Rinpoche. No late-comer to the arts, she is formally trained in ecclesiastical glasswork and has decades of experience in the field. 

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