Thursday, November 25, 2010

Treasure Trove of Blessing and Protection

A few years back, I was really struggling with serious medical issues, so more or less in desperation, I jumped on a plane and went to China. Western medicine was doing its job well enough, but I needed something more. You can find doctors in China who can work miracles. You can also find medical restaurants in China -- your doctor prescribes your diet -- where you literally eat your way back to health, so that is what I resolved to do.

I left in a hurry, and the state of my health at the time was such that I considered the question of whether I would ever return something of a toss-up. Thinking thus, I left all of my books and pechas behind, in the hope that others would find them useful. I was already missing them half-way over the Pacific.

Mike Dickman, in Sundarijal. 
One of Dudjom Rinpoche's old students.

So, on the way to my destination, I stopped in Hong Kong, to visit my favorite Buddhist bookstore. That is where I first encountered Mike Dickman's amiable translation of the Le'u dBun Ma, or "Seven Chapter Prayer." It is small, it is tight, it is handy, and it is indispensable. For the next several months, I carried it with me everywhere, and matter of fact -- I carry it with me still.

I want to earnestly recommend this book to each and every one of you. In the Nyingma world, this particular practice is a fixture, and one can be assured of very quick results. In some certain respects, one could consider this practice the very foundation.

You can obtain a copy for a little more than ten bucks from Amazon -- click this link -- or from Buddhist booksellers worldwide. You will be glad you did.


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3 reader comments:

Stephen said...

Is it OK to carry it in one's pant's pockets ? Will it be disrespectful ?

TENPA said...

I think if you wrap it in cloth and don't sit on it, then it will be fine. By the way -- I am not ignoring your other question -- I am still looking for a place to get that book you want.

Stephen said...

Thank you !