Thursday, August 26, 2010

Outlaw Rabbits Take On Texas

A 1968 city ordinance in Houston makes it illegal to keep a rabbit within 100 feet of the nearest residence. restaurant, church, school, or other human habitation. This means that if you keep a rabbit -- the third most popular house pet in the United States -- in your home and your home is less than 100 feet from your neighbor, you are in for trouble.

At least that is the way it played out for one Houston resident, who got three separate citations -- one for each of her rabbits -- when the animal police happened to see them playing in her front yard.

After a storm of righteous protest reached elected officials, Houston's Bureau of Animal Control and Regulation did some fancy stepping, issuing this statement through a spokesman: 
"We definitely intend to revise the ordinance to reflect the change in personal taste and personal behavior in regard to rabbits. Times change, and we've got to catch up."
Better smile when you say that, pardner.

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5 reader comments:

Don said...

“First they came for the rabbits . . . ”

TENPA said...

You just ain't kidding, Don. Be thankful you live in a free country, like Mongolia.

Anonymous said...

sarva-śaśān vijayī-bhavantu

"May all bunnies be victorious!"

Anonymous said...

So far, I take it that the Texas Rangers haven't weighed in on the situation? -LL

Anonymous said...

May all bunnies be happy and free!!!Bunny Luv....fence your garden and set the rabitts free!