Friday, August 13, 2010

Natural Sound of the Conch

May all be auspicious!
The immaculate song of the incomparable Son of Shuddodhana
Repeatedly prophesying and praising his arrival,
Thotreng Tsal, the Lord of sentient beings of the dark, degenerate age
Please grant the blessings of the fruition of our aspirations immediately.
From the vast great expanse of Kunzang Dechen Lingpa
The compassion which continuously embraces the beings of the four continents
Like the Moon in the vast expanse amongst the constellation of wisdom-holders;
The Illuminator, Supreme Guide, I offer this prayer.
The jewel of the Luminous Profound Secret treasure of the enlightened mind,
The holder of the glorious accumulation of the treasury of space
At this time, suddenly, the jewel has dissolved into the source of the basic space of phenomena.
It is difficult for us to overcome this illusion of dissolution,
Even though the vast, encompassing tasks and so forth are difficult,
Recalling the great oath of the past,
And remembering to nurture the heart essence of the lotus,
Please return swiftly, Oh, reincarnation, representative of Guru Pema Jungne!
The followers of the unbiased teachings of the Buddha in general,
And in particular the disciples of the Secret Dzogpachenpo teachings,
To embrace them completely with the practice of the three trainings,
Please return swiftly as the supreme guide of the Wisdom-holders.
In the country of Mon, Rong Nang and the other strands of encircling lands
In the center of it, you built a Copper Colored Mountain Temple.
When it is perfectly completed, your great Nirmanakaya reincarnation,
Please return swiftly upon the Lion Throne!
The infallible truth of the intrinsic nature of interdependent origination
By our altruistic intention which soars fragrantly higher and higher
And the fruit of the powerful yearning aspiration which has been continuously requested,
May it be easily and spontaneously accomplished without any hindrances.

This is The Natural Sound of the Conch with the Clockwise Spiral: A Swift Rebirth Prayer for Kunzang Dechen Lingpa, composed by Re-cha Lha Oed Tulku.

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