Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekly Tibetan Astrology: March 22 - 28, 2010

March 22, 2010 - Chinese 7th, M-T-K 7th. Tiger, Kham, White 1. Today is zin phung. Today is also baden, so no prayer flags. Despite the superficially positive aspects of today, the earth energies are in an uproar. Fire and ice? On the Spring Equinox no less?  Remember when we told you to beware volcanoes this year? The volcano in Iceland two days ago signals the beginning of the Tiger year's "special" qualities, as we have outlined elsewhere, so don't be surprised if this week turns out to be extremely challenging -- particularly in the area of man's relationship with earth, nature, environment... and also man's relationship with his fellows. There is a danger of becoming overconfident this week, which could lead to disaster. Unusual events may take place this week, and if they do, should be carefully noted. There is now an extremely powerful gyalpo on the loose. Today is good for naga offerings.

March 23, 2010 - Chinese 8th, M-T-K 8th. Rabbit, Gin, Black 2. Today is nyi nak. Try to conserve your energy today, so that you will be able to meet the challenges ahead. A good day for yoga. A bad day for spending.

March 24, 2010 - Chinese 9th, M-T-K 9th. Dragon, Zin, Blue 3. Today is yan kwong. Try to take care of as much personal business as you can today: all those small tasks you've been putting off should be managed carefully. Seismic activity highly probable this week, most notably today or within 24 hours either side of today.

March 25, 2010 - Chinese 10th, M-T-K 10th. Snake, Zon, Green 4. Guru Rinpoche Day. This is an extremely positive day in every respect. Today is good for naga offerings.

March 26, 2010 - Chinese 11th, M-T-K 11th. Horse, Li, Yellow 5. Exercise great caution in all that you do today. No need to be fearful: just cautious. Success is possible today if you maintain a joyous outlook. Bottom line? Today is what you make of it (just as is every day).

March 27, 2010 -  Chinese 13th, M-T-K 12th. Monkey, Dwa, Red 7. Chinese 12th omitted this month. Today is zin phung. You may obtain what you wish for, but not without effort and possible strife. There may be small annoyances, and there may also be environmental issues. Seismic or volcanic activity possible.

March 28, 2010 - Chinese 14th, M-T-K 13th. Bird, Khen, White 8. Excellent energies. Quick, vigorous action will bring success.

Naga observations for the second month: Six good days and four bad days this month. The six very good (lunar) days are 7, 10, 15, 20, 21, and 25. The particularly bad (lunar) days are 2, 26, 27, 28.

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Published every Monday at 00:01 香港時間 but written in advance and auto-posted. See our Introduction to Daily Tibetan Astrology for background information. If you know the symbolic animal of your birth year, you can get information about your positive and negative days by clicking here. If you don't know the symbolic animal of your birth year, you can obtain that information by clicking here. For specific information about the astrology of 2010, inclusive of elements, earth spirits, and so forth, please consult our extended discussion by clicking here.  Click here for Hong Kong Observatory conversion tables. Weekly Tibetan Astrology copyright (c) 2010. All rights reserved.

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3 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

About the gyalpo on the loose:

What class of being is this? If they are very powerful then they must have been a serious practitioner in a previous incarnation.

So, what causes and conditions changed in the world for this to occur and what can be done?

I'm really beginning to understand why you say that Tara the Protectress and Saviouress, is going to be needed this year. I think its going to be a bumpy ride the next few years, so I'm taking the opportunity to practice and generate as much merit as I can. (For the benefit of all sentient beings, of course!)

Thank you for your wonderfully insightful writing that you publish here.

TENPA said...

If you are very kind and compassionate with gyalpos that is the best thing.

History of Chinese Medicinal Wines/w Recipes! said...

Thank you for all your work on this site.