Monday, February 23, 2009

Self-Attached Tantric Lizard

Here is the deal, currently showing at a Google search near you...

First, you check your motivation, then you get the Copper Wealth Vase of White Mahakala for $380.00, because let's face it: the folks who are flogging the copper vase are sentient beings, aren't they? You want all sentient beings to be happy, don't you?

However, that is going to give the vase a real workout, so for $10.00 more, when the drop is off, you can recharge the thing for another go 'round.

If that doesn't work, for another $10.00, you can get your effigy burned.... along with some strongly self-attached stuff.

(You know, I tried that once... some ways it helped, some ways it hurt.)

Maybe the problem was, I didn't have a genuine Tantric Lizard Candle Stand.

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