Monday, February 23, 2009

Kurukulle in Singapore

More people come to this site searching for information about Kurukulle, than for any other reason. So say the search engines, although they don't explain why.

The other interesting aspect, also unexplained, is why the vast majority of searchers come from Singapore.

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To make things convenient, we've put together an index to all our Kurukulle resources. Accordingly, here is the link to our Kurukulle Index.

Now, on a strictly personal note: I have never been to S'pore, but on August 5, 2008, I had the most remarkable dream of the scene depicted in the above photograph. You will notice that behind the Merlion, there is an area with an iron railing. Could one of our (many) Singapore readers tell me why I should dream about that particular spot? What is there?

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1 reader comments:

lishan said...

I am from Singapore. I did not search for Kurukulle btw. But, I could tell you that there are a couple of merlion staues in Singapore. This one is located in the Central Business District and beside it is Sinagapore river, our "life blood". In the picture, we have UOB bank, the tallest building in Singapore. The red one, not too sure.

It is near Clarke Quay, where clubbing takes place. And maybe couples tend to meet at that area?

Anyway, the merlion, a Singapore icon reminds me more of Singa Mukha than Kurukulle.

(Maybe I am wrong?)