Friday, September 15, 2006

Jigme Lingpa: Redux

A few days back, one of Jigme's little jewels was making the rounds of the blogs (albeit mistakenly translated). Guys named Earl, with the rebel flag on the pickup, were suddenly quoting the immortal discoverer of the Longchen Nyingtig. How joyous, y'all!

Here, with Earl in mind, are more quotations from the works of Jigme Lingpa:

"Sorrows are said to be the pyre for defilements;
this is something amazing.
As an example, even the sorrow of a mere dream
came to be an envoy,
inducing experiences and realizations.
Thereafter, I regarded sorrows and negative comments
as great powers."
(from Dancing Moon in the Water)

"Average people, blind with the cataracts of dimwittedness, not only have a heap of defiled, perverted behavior, but even produce proofs and charts about it, and present it as wonderful subject matter."
(from Dancing Moon in the Water)

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