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Astrology for Tibetan New Year 2015 (Extended)

The lunar year 2015 into 2016 is the Year of the Wood Sheep (shing-lug lo).  In Tibetan, Chinese, and Vietnamese practice, this lunar year commences on February 19, 2015.

The chief value of the following post lies in the calculations. Ordinarily, these calculations are the result of a laborious process, but here you have them at your fingertips, already done for you. Please take note: as a general rule, astrological indications are rendered highly flexible by Dharma practice. Astrological calculations, as distinct from indications, are a medium of expression similar to mathematics.
I gave what I regard as a suitable explanation and introduction to the detailed nuances of yearly astrology, and the relative meanings, in our remarks for 2009. Rather than repeat myself, I would suggest that you click back to 2009, read the post, and then click back here to discover what has changed. 

Be all that as it may, let us begin with the geomantic indicators. This year, the opportune passageway is  observed at West White (2) and North Blue (1), and here are the positions occupied by our sa-bdag friends, from rje-blon nyer-drug ma-bu 'khor:

1) King The-se - Southwest (also hidden spirit Ba-dan)
2) Queen Hang-ne - Southwest
3) Queen Mother The-khyem - South
4) Crown Prince Te-so - South
5) Royal Minister Tsang-kun - East
6) Royal Astrologer Se-ba bla-mkhyen - Northeast  (also inner at East, secretly at Southeast)
7) Royal Dog Walker Hang-phan ser-po bya-ra-ba - Southwest
8) Royal Treasurer Se-byi - Northeast
9) Royal Bodyguard-Assassin Se-shar - Northwest
10) Royal Horse Se-ba rang-rta - East
11) Royal Groom Se'u rta-khrid - East
12) Royal Timekeeper Se-bya - South
13) Royal Upholsterer Sa-bdag se-bu gdan-'ding - Southwest
14) Royal Policeman Se-lo sa-'chag kungs-myul - Northwest
15) Royal Sweeper Se-lo sa-'phyag - Northwest
16) Royal Dog Hal-khyi nag-po - West
17) Princess dKar-sham - West
18) Prince sBal-te (her husband - the royal son-in-law) - West
19) General Vang-ging dmarpo - South
20) General Tsang-kun - Southwest
21) Adjutant Tsang-kun 'phye'o - Southeast
22) Dog-headed Assistant Tsang-kun khyi-mgo - Southeast
23) Advisor Bla-mkhyen phe'u - Northeast
24) Scorpion-head Zin 'phung - North
25) Venomous Pi-ling - East
26) Chief of the Eleven Ministers of the King (symbolizing them) - West

The containing note for 2015 is gold in the mine (alternatively, "gold ore"). The body element (lusiron -- symbolized by iron ore) originates from the turtle's skeleton. The other basics of the year are its srog, or vitality (earth); the dbang-thang, or destiny (wood); the rlung-ta, or luck (fire), and the khyams-nyid, or actual luck (fire). To get a bit more technical, the zla-klung-gi gza'gnyis are Moon and Iron Bird, and the destiny/vitality relationship is 'dun-khur. If you are business minded, you will want to watch mining, metals, and allied industries. Great wealth will be accumulated (and lost) in this most fortunate year for precious metals.

Our magic numbers this year are skye-me, or natal, as White 8 - associated with the element Metal, "Mirror of the Country God" (upper metreng); srog-sme, or vitality, as Red 9 - associated with the element Fire, "Mirror of Prosperity") (middle metreng); dbang-sme, or destiny, as Blue 3 - associated with the element Water, "Mirror of Ocean Medicine") (lower metreng). These are color cues for what promises to be a massive year for all aspects of the fashion industry. Color magicians, take special note.

Because I favor elemental astrology, it is difficult for me to make general predictions about how the various "animals" will fare in this Year of the Wood Sheep. Anyone who tells you they can is deceiving you. For example: there is a traditional notion that the Ox may experience challenges this year. You will see statements like this everywhere, but you cannot always accept them as valid. The Ox people have nothing to fear from this Sheep Year.

Why is this? 

There are twelve animals and five elements, for a total of sixty possibilities. Each of these sixty possibilities must be evaluated in terms of five elements, for a total of 300 possibilities. Each of these 300 possibilities has five possibilities, for a total of 1,500 possibilities. Therefore, anybody who says, "Oh, the Mouse will be lucky this year," is engaging in crass generalization. What they should be saying is "Oh, the Fire Mouse exhibits the following five relationships in this, the year of the Wood Sheep."

Some astrologers do not care for Sheep years. This is due to Chinese cultural idiosyncrasy regarding birth years. Under this system of belief, those born in the Sheep years are "too timid" to take on the world's misfortunes. In the case of a Wood Sheep, nothing could be farther from the truth. 

What shall I say about Sheep? Born artists. High lamas. Bold inventors. What else shall I say? Bill Gates is a Wood Sheep. Steve Jobs was a Wood Sheep. So much for "too timid."

The folk astrology of both China and Tibet indicates that Sheep in general are artistic, spiritual, wealthy, trustworthy, charming, and brave. Very good with parents, friends, and society at large. Excellent diplomats. Think of people born in 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, or 2003. On the negative side, they can be given to argument, resistance, envy, and a certain tendency to vengefulness. They tend to crave riches, and the trappings of wealth, to support their social fluency. Their ideal careers are found in the arts, government and politics (emphasis on intelligence community), and the world of religion. In business, they are suited to the arts and entertainment industries, to high technology, creative thinking, and positions requiring trust and confidence. The ideal companions are those born in the year of the Rabbit, or Pig. They will wish to avoid significant relationships with the Ox, Dog, Dragon, Bird, or Snake.

In particular, Wood Sheep are considered patient, and reliable, with a generous nature. They are noted for extreme intelligence, and clarity of thought, often to the level of genius. Although they will only face three major obstacles in their lives, these will be easily overcome.  Their average lifespan is sixty years. If you are a Sheep, and you are 60 or over, really watch your diet, medication, and exercise. Food and drink, as well as impulsiveness, are your enemy.

This is a year of wealth. The manner in which great wealth generates is not pleasant to consider. Adequate wealth is a different matter entirely.

The last Wood Sheep year, 1955, saw a world in turmoil: a world much like the one appearing before us now... To a certain extent, this became possible because of similar factors: a massive restructuring of wealth, in the particular case, occasioned by world economic restructuring during the decade following the World War of 1939-1945, and in our case by the almost complete centralization of wealth. In 1955, there was no shortage of wars, weapons, riots, and outrages. There was no shortage of rebellion, and break-away states. The year 2015 will witness the same cruel basics of gold, guns, and greed. Gamblers will rise and fall. If you really want to buy a self-sustaining place in the country, now is the year to act on your dream. If you want to embrace a nomadic lifestyle, then sell the place in the country, and lay hands on a fine means of transporting your own shelter. However you wish to live, that is how you should live, but be serious: get out of the city. Learn to work with your mind for money, and labor only for love of others. In the midst of world turmoil, embrace contentment.

[a work in progress]

As a personal aside, thank you for continued support of Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar through our own challenges during years gone by.

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