Sunday, August 05, 2012

Stupa Project Makes Progress

In addition to our outdoor stupas, we also have an indoor stupa project here, in the manner of a "stupa room." Seen here, in the library, are fifteen of the first twenty-two stupas delivered last week, inclusive of a special set created on Chokhor Duchen, and another special set created for the people who have helped us stay operational during turbulent times. After a bit more preparation, these will be primed, gilded, packed, consecrated, and installed, and then we will be ready for the next batch. 

These stupas also take us a step forward on my "Everybody Should Build One" project. I will be using one of these as a model for a computer-controlled mold apparatus. It is my goal to devise a means by which everyone who wants to make a stupa can do so with relative ease, whether for indoor or outdoor application.

Many thanks to the people who helped realize the creation of these first twenty-two precious stupas. The merit associated with your efforts is quite simply beyond description.

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2 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

Do the stupas stay indoors or are they shipped to the destination for outdoor use? (I've never heard of an 'installed' indoor stupa) (LL)

Editor said...

These particular ones stay indoors. The practice is quite common. You can see installations of 108 on a wall, for example, with the stupas placed in niches. Or, you can even see large ones, in a center of a room, surrounded by smaller ones. Many people keep this size stupa in their house, on the altar for example, or on a base built up of wood or something, and then filled, etc.