Friday, August 03, 2012

Rabbit Rescue: Update X2

Little Stinker has been moved out of triage to Intensive Care. He has a lavender bed to roll around, a jump step to reach his water and food, and a little cave to play hide and go seek. He has vitamins in his water -- which he thoroughly enjoys -- and plenty of food. This is a rare photograph of him, playing in his cave, with his nose temporarily out of the fool bowl. He said he wants the hat, the t-shirt, the bumpersticker, and the FOOD. Things are looking up for Little Stinker.

The Two Sisters are both eating and watering now. I introduced Timothy hay into their diets for long fiber, and vitamins into their water at therapeutic dosage. They are high traumatized and tightly bonded. I gave Big Sister a candy treat today. She ate half of it, then fed Shy Sister from her mouth. Absolutely beautiful. I am praying for the Two Sisters.

The Big Bum sits around like a defeated king, but he is slowly coming around. He got hay and vitamins today, and he allows me to pet his nose. He watches everything very carefully, and in his sad way, it seems as if he said "Thank you," this afternoon.

I am very happy to report the first binky. When Little Stinker got his lavender bed, he gave three or four binkies. If you don't know what binkies are, ask a rabbit person. Basically, a bink is a sideways leap in the air, signifying great happiness and joy.


I been played.

Did I say "defeated king?" Crafty old king is more like it. Somehow, and nobody knows how, he managed to get himself out of a locked cage last night and proceeded to incite a rabbit riot. The whole room was wrecked. When I woke up and went in there, he charged at me like a dog, and tried to push me out of the room with his nose: "Nothing to see here...all under control... move along nicely, now." Papers were torn up, poop was all over the place, the Two Sisters were cowering in their corner, and he was singing love songs --- if you can call Rabbit Rap "music."

I learned an important lesson: that rabbit does need any more vitamins.

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7 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

Good job Tenpa ! Blessings on you and your rabbits. Didier from France

Anonymous said...

KataKhan said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. All of you have been much in my mind.

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad to hear of their improved conditions! :)

snakespeak said...

Sometimes miracles occur.

Anonymous said...

I know from first hand experience that moderately clever rabbits can escape from cages that moderately clever humans (being me) think they have secured for the night. "Locked Cage" is therefore a relative term when discussing moderately clever humans or rabbits.

Even though rabbits have brains the size of walnuts, they seem to have spirit that far transcends that biological fact. (i.e. - rabbits do not need viagra to be motivated)

I hope that the boy king (spiritual child of Old Rabbit) continues to recover. (LL)