Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pleasure Like Heaven

New flags for Padmasambhava's Birthday, for Khandro-la

Those whose pleasure is like heaven
Are destined to be open and lovely.
My own love is just like this,
The dear child of heaven.

Like a blazing light,
With shining face,
My dear one -- a mind
So brilliant and limpid, so fascinating.

Their towering bodies,
Their majesty spent.
Conjoined deities rest,
My dear one, they are elegant and still.

My love is malleable, it is
The ornament of many things.
It is considered special and, in
Being special, it exhibits clarity.

Oh, my sweet one,
It satisfies desires.
The body ceases, but
Its precious form remains.

Into a far land of forever,
I shall trot out to meet you,
My own love,
In a place unattainable by day.

On this side, heaven
Appears calm and wide.
In speaking of it, perhaps,
When free of thought, I shall sing everything.

Through the prayer of good action,
May we experience no obstruction.
Oh, let us make the choice
And remain inseparable.

Fifth Noyon Khutagtu Danzanravjaa (1803-1856)

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snakespeak said...

Another hidden treasure you share with us. Thank you.