Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For Days Like These

"Though I've entered the path of the Dharma, I haven't put a stop to my erring ways.

Though I've entered the door of the Mahayana, I'm devoid of any beneficial thought for others.

Though I've received the four empowerments, I do not practice the development and completion phases of meditation.

O lama, free me from straying from the path!

Though I've not realized the View, I act as if a master of 'crazy wisdom'.

Though I'm distracted in my meditation, I let myself get stuck in mental gossip and concepts.

Though it's my own actions at fault, it's someone else that I blame.

O lama, free me from becoming to arrogant and opinionated, so stubborn and insensitive!

Though I may die tomorrow, I am full of craving for places, clothes and wealth.

Though I'm quite old, I'm not mature enough to have the slightest renunciation for samsara.

Though I've truly heard only a little dharma teaching, I pride myself on all my knowledge.

O lama, free me from such ignorance!

Though I may be rushing into danger, I go Dharma-socializing in crowds and public places, thinking I'm on a noble Dharma trip.

Though appearing calm and speaking softly, I haven't got rid of the attachment and aversion boiling inside.

O lama, free me from these eight samsaric dharmas!

Quickly rouse me from this deep sleep of ignorance!
Quickly set me free from this dismal self-imprisonment!

- Song of Renunciation, from the Longchen Nyingtik ngöndro, a revelation by Jigmé Lingpa

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