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Astrology for Tibetan New Year 2012 (Extended)

The lunar year 2012 into 2013 is the Year of the Male Water Dragon (chu-pho 'brug-lo), and is generally considered to be an eventful, "mixed blessing" year: Gawa, or "Happiness." Chinese and Tibetan lunar calendars often differ in the first day of the first month. Accordingly, in Chinese and Vietnamese practice, this lunar year commences on January 23, 2012, corresponding to the 30th day of the 11th Kalachakra month. The first day of the Tibetan New Year is February 22, 2012, or Losar 2139.

The chief value of the following post lies in the calculations. Ordinarily, these calculations are the result of a laborious process, but here you have them at your fingertips, already done for you. Is it better or worse if you don't have to work for it?
I gave what I regard as a suitable explanation and introduction to the detailed nuances of yearly astrology, and the relative meanings, in our remarks for 2009. Rather than repeat myself, I would suggest that you click back to 2009, read the post, and then click back here to discover what has changed. I imagine that 2010 will already be too familiar for many of you. Nevertheless, if there are terms or concepts in the following that are strange to you, consult my comments for 2009.
Be all that as it may, let us begin with the geomantic indicators. This year, the opportune passageway is  observed at South and West, and here are the positions occupied by our sa-bdag friends, from rje-blon nyer-drug ma-bu 'khor:

1) King The-se - Southeast (also hidden spirit Ba-dan)
2) Queen Hang-ne - Southeast
3) Queen Mother The-khyem - East
4) Crown Prince Te-so - East
5) Royal Minister Tsang-kun - North
6) Royal Astrologer Se-ba bla-mkhyen - Northwest (also inner at North, secretly at Northeast)
7) Royal Dog Walker Hang-phan ser-po bya-ra-ba - South
8) Royal Treasurer Se-byi - Northwest
9) Royal Bodyguard-Assassin Se-shar - Southwest
10) Royal Horse Se-ba rang-rta - North
11) Royal Groom Se'u rta-khrid - North
12) Royal Timekeeper Se-bya - East
13) Royal Upholsterer Sa-bdag se-bu gdan-'ding - Southeast
14) Royal Policeman Se-lo sa-'chag kungs-myul - Northeast
15) Royal Sweeper Se-lo sa-'phyag - Southwest
16) Royal Dog Hal-khyi nag-po - South
17) Princess dKar-sham - South
18) Prince sBal-te (her husband - the royal son-in-law) - South
19) General Vang-ging dmarpo - Northwest
20) General Tsang-kun - Southeast
21) Adjutant Tsang-kun 'phye'o - Northeast
22) Dog-headed Assistant Tsang-kun khyi-mgo - Northeast
23) Advisor Bla-mkhyen phe'u - Northwest
24) Scorpion-head Zin 'phung - West
25) Venomous Pi-ling - West
26) Chief of the Eleven Ministers of the King (symbolizing them) - North

The containing note for 2012 is running water (alternatively, "silver river"). The body element (lus: water -- basically the same thing) originates from the turtle's urine. The other basics of the year are its srog, or vitality (earth); the dbang-thang, or destiny (water); the rlung-ta, or luck (wood), and the khyams-nyid, or actual luck (wood). To get a bit more technical, the zla-klung-gi gza'gnyis are Mars and Wood Horse, and the destiny/vitality relationship is Kha-val.

Our magic numbers this year are skye-me, or natal, as Red 9 (upper metreng); srog-sme, or vitality, as Blue 3 (middle metreng); dbang-sme, or destiny, as White 6 (lower metreng). 

If Dragon women wish to get married this year, they should do so in the Snake month. 

Because I favor elemental astrology, it is difficult for me to make general predictions about how the various "animals" will fare in this Year of the Water Dragon. Anyone who tells you they can is deceiving you. For example: there is a traditional notion that the Ox and Dog may experience challenges this year. You will see statements like this everywhere, but you cannot always accept them as valid.

Why is this? 

There are twelve animals and five elements, for a total of sixty possibilities. Each of these sixty possibilities must be evaluated in terms of five elements, for a total of 300 possibilities. Each of these 300 possibilities has five possibilities, for a total of 1,500 possibilities. Therefore, anybody who says, "Oh, the Mouse will be lucky this year," is engaging in crass generalization. What they should be saying is "Oh, the Fire Mouse exhibits the following five relationships in this, the year of the Water Dragon."

Some astrologers do not care for Water Dragon years. They reason that Earth is the essential element of the Dragon, and the enemy of Water is Earth, so a Water Dragon is fraught with internal conflict. Since other interpretations are certainly possible, I would counsel you to take your clue from the energies of 2012 as set forth herein. Please take note that as a general rule, astrological indications are rendered highly flexible by Dharma practice.

What shall I say about Dragons? Born "opera singers?" Histrionic? Explosive? Extroverted? Here are some examples, so you be the judge: John Lennon, Al Pacino, Nicholas Cage, Russell Crowe, Shirley Temple, Joan of Arc, Salvador Dali, Sigmund Freud, Bruce Lee, Keanu Reeves, Florence Nightingale, Susan B. Anthony, Mae West, and Sandra Bullock were all born in the Year of the Dragon.

Many Chinese believe this is the most auspicious year in which to have children, although problem pregnancies may be seen. The folk astrology of both China and Tibet indicates that Dragons in general are charismatic, magically powerful, and occasionally what we might call "wonderful hot heads." On the negative side, they can be arrogant, insensitive, and ruthless. Their ideal careers are found in trial law, advertising, invention, military and politics, religion, or in the arts as actors or singers. In business, they are suited to public relations. The ideal companions are those born in the year of the Mouse, Monkey, or Pig. They will wish to avoid significant relationships with the  Ox, Horse, Dog, Sheep, or Tiger. 

In particular, Water Dragons are considered egotistical spendthrifts, with more than a share of pride and family problems. Notable characteristics are a necessity to change residence many times, to be plagued by foolish relatives, and harsh language. They often have a clear birthmark or mole, and have deaf or mute ancestors somewhere in the family line.

Water Dragons can be successful in sports, particularly archery. They will have one or five children. Their average lifespan is sixty-two years. They will face six major obstacles. Dragon dharma practitioners can be dramatically successful.  Among practitioners, H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche was a Dragon.

For 2012, I would recommend that Dragons pay attention to travel arrangements, relocation issues, and finances.

Year before last I wrote:
The last Iron Tiger year, 1950, saw the beginning of the end of Tibetan Buddhism as it had been known for centuries prior. To a certain extent, this became possible because of degeneration and fighting in the Tibetan Buddhist institutions themselves. The year 2010 will witness extreme tension between unorthodox expressions of Tibetan Buddhism -- those which are against the grain,  permissive or culturally diluted -- and the ancient energies that have been offended by such extreme views. Again, please remember what I have told you: that which provokes you to anger in 2010 aims to bring about your destruction. As difficult as it may be, you must withdraw from such provocations. 
And, last year I wrote:
In many, many ways, 2011 is an entire year of coping with that which came into being during 2010. 
My thought is that 2012 will be an entire year of coping with that which came into being in 2010 and 2011, with emphasis on the latter. The key to this year is spiritual growth: a shifting away from insular values to global values. I feel there will be at least one extremely dramatic "world-altering" event that will influence us for many years to come. Travel and international relations will be in the forefront, whether conventionally, or as symbolized by increased use of the Internet to foster growth and change. Indeed, there will most definitely be "change," but not everyone will be happy. Conflicts of the "flare-up," or "brush fire" type are strongly indicated. Change will be rapid and unpredictable.

I can foresee issues with North Korea and Iran. I do not see how conflict in Uddiyana can be avoided. There will be violence associated with terrorism, and violence associated with repression. A military "show of force" is highly likely, and may extend to the nuclear realm.

Finance will be a constant theme throughout the year. There will likely be wide fluctuation, and high-profile bankruptcy. Markets will become volatile. You can expect China to make bold moves this year, as they begin to experience some of the challenges of their overheated economy. There will be incredible competition for natural resources and raw materials. Firms that recycle will see windfall profits, as they benefit from legislation. The environment will also make headlines several times during the year, particularly in the area of floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

There will be incredible advances and inventions in science and technology, and the possibility of a medical breakthrough.

On the downside, this year can see challenges in the entertainment industry, and a sudden jump in the divorce rate.

I feel this is a year characterized by spiritual evolution, perhaps precipitated by events that lead us to discard materialism or the status quo -- and these may be dramatic events indeed -- so, in balance, call this a challenging year of growth, when values change.

As a personal aside, thank you for continued support of Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar through our own challenges during 2011.

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Highly intriguing, as always, and sure to score. (You didn't mention "strange noises from the sky", though. Try googling that for the last month, for fun. Is it a real HAARP? Or a Memorex shofar ? Or viral marketing.)

Of this year (chu-'brug), in this cycle (bcu-bdun, 17) the previous Dzigar says, at the very end of his fabled Dakini-message, _dug re rlang pa ya re nga_ -- or something to that effect.
Meaning, "Some poison gas, oh woe is me".

What the frack could that be. (He also seems to suggest the world might flip upside down, which would hardly make a difference anyway).


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We´re very thankful for this sharing! I really hope our president (Dilma, Brazilian) listen to our request and support Tibet! Free Tibet!

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Thanks for your generous sharing. Next year is time of water snake-- naga energy unleashes for good or ill....