Thursday, January 07, 2010

In Search of Gega Lama's White Mahakala

It is a remarkable image, created by a remarkable man: the White Mahakala by Gega Lama (1931-1996), one of the most celebrated Tibetan tangkha painters of all time.

This was the image that the late Kalu Rinpoche made available during the early 1980s, for the  Shangpa lineage White Mahakala empowerment he gave. I have seen it reproduced on tiles (somebody in New Mexico), cards, and so forth, ever since -- but, what happened to the original? Does anybody know where it is? One rumor places it in Russia, another has it at Sonada; still others claim it is in royal hands, in Bhutan.

I have a feeling that if anyone knows, he or she will be found among the incredibly well-traveled readers of Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar.

Another item worth hunting down (and reprinting) is Gega Lama's two-volume study, Principles of Tibetan Art, published in 1983.  

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7 reader comments:

Unknown said...

Gega's son, Tharphen Lingtsang, lives and teaches in the Netherlands. The copyright to his father's books and intellectual property rests with him. There have, of course, been numerous ripoffs of Tibetan artists, no credit, permission, acknowledgment... free artwork whoopeee!

shangpa kagyu said...

There exist beautiful Thanka of 16th Karmapa painted by Gega Lama, and I was surching for picture of it in the website and came a cross with your site. You have asked question regarding where the original thanka of white Mahakala is? It's in Belgium Kalu Rinpoche Center. Gega Lama originally gave it to Lama Orgen who is his wife's brother. Lama Orgen was resident Lama of the Belgium Center and when i was there I new it was in the Center. Lama Orgen passed a way in 1990. However Thanka should still be there. by the way Karmapa Thanka I was talking about is in Sonada monasty, Gega Lama offer it to Dorje Chang Kalu Rinpoche in 1983.

Anonymous said...

I would greatly appreciate anyones help with identifying the figure on page 258 of Princibles of Tibetan Art by Gega Lama .I am interested in knowing the coloring of his hair, faces, body,and legs.This would be a great kindness to me and i would be thankful.

Editor said...

Page 258 of the latest edition is Rahula.

Anonymous said...

I just received a new copy of Principles of Tibetan Art from the USA.

Finnaly I have my own copy

Anonymous said...

You can buy a copy here!

Anonymous said...

The copyright of this book lies with Adfabrum in the Netherlands. I don't know if they are still selling it, but you can inform at