Monday, September 15, 2014

In God's Name

Rest assured, there is no nudity in the following photographs. No exposed nipples, no unseemly kissing on Main Street. These photographs are of current events. These are photographs of something happening now. This is 2014. Let the whole world see what is being done in the name of the "one true God."

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6 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

Just remember. Your nation set in motion this chain of events.This blood is on your hands too America.

Chaz Satyr said...

Yes Anonymous Coward...This is all Americas fault, Rain Deer can fly, the Tooth Fairy takes away your baby teeth when you loose them and an all loving god allows this horror to happen.
Fundamentalist Islam, like all fundamentalist religions is the religion of BARBARIANS!!! The fact that they kill others who worship this "allah" different from they way they do is Americas fault? Tell me how that works?

WoFat said...

The danger presented by idiots, in the name of religion.

Anonymous said...

chaz, you morons funded this and have been dangerously intervening in destabilizing that area for decades. you've gone so far as to help evict elected leaders, and cultivated this shit for your own ends. learn anything at all, for fuck's sake. chances are the the world will be grateful the moment you do. if only so that when you lot finally successfully fuck the world, some of you will at least understand what you did.

Olivia said...

Why did you post this?

Anonymous said...

It is obvious in front of history that muslims always acted like this since their guru that they call prophet acted in the same way, he was a paedophil married to and raping a six years old girl, a murderer, an invader, a liar, a thief as we can see in his biography so muslims of today acting same than him.
For example the killing of all Nalanda monks and the burning and destroying of the library and of the monastery was done by muslims.
The invasion of India and the genocide that muslims did there killing and converting around 80 millions of hindus is the biggest genocide of history.