Thursday, October 10, 2013

Long Life Wishes for Kyabje Tarthang Rinpoche

We are sending expressions of loving respect, and deep devotion to the great Kyabje Tarthang Rinpoche. By tradition, his birthday is generally observed "around this time."

Rinpoche is either 79 or 80 this year, or timeless, depending upon how you like to think.

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3 reader comments:

KataKhan said...

Love, Gratitude and Long Life in good health to the great Tarthang Rimpoche! May all your visions come true !!! _/\_

Anonymous said...

Long life Rinpoche !

Anonymous said...

In the case of Tarthang Rinpoche, I can only opine that his life will be just a long as he wishes it to be - but I wish him long life all the same. (LL)