Thursday, May 31, 2012

To Dispel the Misery of the World

Wisdom Publications has now come out with To Dispel the Misery of the World: Whispered Teachings of the Bodhisattvas, by Ga Rabjampa Kunga Yeshe, with a foreword by the late Khenpo Appey, who passed away while the book was in production.

As soon as I heard the name of the translator, I bought a copy. This work was accomplished by Adam Pearcy, working through Sogyal Rinpoche's Rigpa Translations, but better known to many of us as the brains of the outfit over at Lotsawa House, where Dharma is always "on the house."

Not only was I keen to have the book, which is of great comfort and guidance in virtually any situation, but I wanted to show support for Adam, and appreciation for Lotsawa House. These folks scramble along on nothing, the fuel gauge perpetually on "Empty," with the wolf constantly howling at the door. I felt that if Wisdom saw respectable sales on this title, it would encourage them to commission further work by Mr. Pearcy, as well as some other young lotsawas like Erick Tsiknopoulos of Sugatagarbha Translations, where Dharma is likewise "on the house."

If you feel the same way, why not spend around USD $13.00 or so and get a copy. Then, the next time somebody asks, "Well, how do you 'practice' Buddhism anyway?" you can hand them this book and gracefully exit the field of possible error.

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