Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Dalai Lama

I often think one of the very best aspects of living at this time is the opportunity to see and hear the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, who is seventy-five today. How fortunate we are! Long may he remain, protected by the infinite good wishes of the numberless beings he benefits.

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4 reader comments:

Tav said...

Hi there,

i'm a little bit confused by what happened today, so i've to tell you that little story (sorry for the poor english). I was at my job, a very peaceful job, sometime i have the opportunities to do some meditation. Anyway, on my desk there is several book, and two books about the Dalaï Lama, they are there for some weeks,i haven't read it yet, but strange fully today i took one of them, and i started to look inside, and i found some interesting pictures of him, and there was that picture of his trantric initiation, exactly the same picture that you post today. It's like something pushed me to open the book and looked at his pictures in a contemplative way. And now i discover on your blog that it's his birthday and i see that u put the same picture that i was looking at this afternoon, so weird coincidence isn't it? Do you think there is a explanation?

Happy birthday to the Dalaï Lama


Peter Mannox said...

Hi, I like your blog. I am linked to Tashi Mannox's who is my son. Your post about him contains an error. The Mani prayer wheel mentioned was commissioned by Samye-Ling headed by Akong Tulku not Trungpa rimpoche. It was divined by HH 16th Karmapa that I should learn how to purify gold, become a goldsmith and make Dhama objects including prayer wheels. There are many photographs of HH on my blog. north-fife.blogspot.com and the prayer wheel in question. A search on the blog will reveal the story. I think the title is "prayer wheel samye ling". Plus "Karmapa" and many others. Hope you find them.
best wishes, Peter Mannox

TENPA said...

Hi, Peter. Thanks for correcting the history of your marvelous wheel. It is thoroughly wonderful. May this find you well, and please be assured of continuing prayers for your welfare.

TENPA said...

Dear Vincent (Tav):

Things just are as they are.