Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fourth Dodrupchen Rinpoche

The Fourth Dodrupchen Rinpoche

Many years ago, my teacher told me, "I really want you to make some connection with Dodrupchen Rinpoche, so sit down, write him a letter, and introduce yourself." Then, at the same time, he wrote to Dodrupchen Rinpoche and said, "I really want you to make some connection with this stupid guy, so please write to him."

One morning, not long after, I went out to check the post and discovered that I had received a package. Unfortunately, this package had been vandalized by a group of naughty teenagers, and the contents were strewn in wet grass all the way down the block. Dodrupchen Rinpoche had sent me color pictures of Padmasambhava and the disciples, together with a beautiful letter.

There I was, running down the street, trying to collect the pictures. One of these proved difficult to recover, always blowing away in the wind just as I reached for it. Finally, I gave up chasing and just waited. Sure enough, the next gust of wind blew the picture to my hand.

Dodrupchen Monastery

Rinpoche has, for many years, had a center in Massachusetts which, true to the U.S. Mail prophecy, burned down shortly after it was inaugurated. The durable students there nevertheless managed a comeback. This center sells all sorts of interesting things over the web, so take a look.

In any event, the exchange of letters was the extent of the connection with Dodrupchen Rinpoche. I never wrote to him again, and he never wrote to me. Forty years passed by, and then I chanced to make the acquaintance of the young reincarnation of the "last disciple" who proved so difficult to collect, that windy day. I told him the story, and he replied, "You're right...that is interesting!"

Within a day, he more or less spontaneously gave the reading empowerment of Dodrupchen Rinpoche's abbreviated Longchen Nyingthig Ngondro to a small group of students.

I have very great hope for those particular students.

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