Friday, March 30, 2007

A Brief Tsog by Jigme Lingpa

A Brief Offering Ritual for Daily Practice
Jigme Lingpa

The incomparable Nyingmapa visionary, Jigme Lingpa (1730 – 1798), foresaw a future when sentient beings would have neither the time nor the inclination for spiritual practice. To assist sentient beings in this degenerate era, and from the depth of his compassion, he composed the following brief tsog, or offering ritual. Although this tsog is indeed abbreviated, nevertheless, it lacks nothing. Sincere daily practice, with either visualized or other offerings, will bring swift results.

ram yam kham, om ah hum
tsog dze deu yon ye she rol pa’i gyen
(bell, drum)
The materials of offering; the objects of enjoyment ornamented by the play of wisdom:
tsog je tsog dak rig dzin la ma dang
den sum kyil khor ne yul nyer zhi’i dak
pa wo khandro dam chen cho srung nam
(bell, drum)
Lord of the Assemblage, Master of the Assemblage, the Knowledge-holding Lama, and Mandalas of the Three Seats; Lords of the Twenty-Four Sacred Places, Dakas, Dakinis, Vow-holding Protectors of the Doctrine:
dir shek long kyeud tsog kyi cho pa zhe (bell, drum)
Come accept offerings.
gal trul nong dang dam tsik nyam chak shak (bell, drum)
I confess deviations, delusions, and impairments of the Samaya.
chi nang bar ched cho kyi ying su drol (bell, drum)
Liberate in the Dharmadatu outer and inner obstacles.
lhag tor zhe la tin le drup par dzod (bell, drum)
Accept the remaining tormas and carry out your activities.
om guru dewa dakini gana tsatra putsa ho,
utsita balingta kha hi
(bell, drum)

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