Friday, October 02, 2015

Tarthang Tulku 80th Birthday Celebrations

During the entire month of October 2015, we will be observing the 80th birthday of the great Tarthang Tulku, a living manifestation of the Odiyan Master. The various celebrations and services will be as diverse as Rinpoche's numerous works around the world. We are earnestly inviting you to join in!

One such observance takes place on October 10th, which is usually held as his actual birthdate. The Nyingma Institute students, Nyingma community members, and friends will convene a chanting ceremony dedicated to Rinpoche's longevity. Although we don't have anything to do with institute, we are "friends," so any subsequent use of the word "we," should be understood as any and all people of good will.

Collectively we will commit to chant the Vajra Guru mantra continuously for twenty-four hours as an offering to Rinpoche on this, his eightieth birthday. Participants around the world will be chanting along with us for this offering.

We will call upon the Diamond Guru through his mantra to send the elixir of longevity to our precious teacher and to open wide our hearts to the presence of enduring wisdom and compassion in the world. It is our wish that a stream of the deepest love and healing pour forth from the chant, a rain of life-giving ambrosia that will sustain Rinpoche and his work for many years to come.

If you are anywhere near the Bay Area, or if you care to travel there, you'll be able to participate as a guest in residence for the event. Otherwise, to participate from any location in the world: you can live-stream the audio of the chant from the Main House Meditation Room through the Nyingma Institute website at A link to the event will be placed on the home page and will be activated during the chant. 

Rinpoche will be able to see the various countries and places participating, and he will be absolutely pleased if he sees many different participants.

If you will attend in person, please contact Nyingma-Institute at, or call 510-809-1000 for reservations. For an event of this magnitude, space will go quickly, so please make your contact now.

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